Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dougal and Ollie

Dougal and Ollie are 2 Lhasa Apso dogs, they are brothers and are both 5 years old.

Dougal is the white one and Ollie the black and white.

Their favourite things are sleeping, going on the beach and going for  a sausage at the New Bell pub .


Rocky is a big ball of bouncy Boxer! He is 3 years old.

He is a rescue dog who has been very lucky to be adopted, just 8 months ago, by someone who clearly loves him very much.


Millie is a 3.5 year old Patterdale terrier who started out as a rescue dog and was lucky enough to find a loving home.

Her favourite thing is chocolate (you and me both Millie)


This is Robbie Bushell, he is a chocolate Labrador and he is an impressive 11 years old.

He has one blind eye but that does not detract from the fact he is a mighty handsome boy.

Robbie was originally an anniversary present for his mum, unfortunately she didn't want a dog and cried but she soon fell in love with him and wouldn't give him up for anything.

He knows how to do the trick of 'rolling over'.

His favourite thing is food, especially cat food....yum.


Buddy is a positively darling Dachshund sporting a complimentary winter coat in chocolate brown ( he only has little legs, things can get a bit cold down there when you're only an inch off the ground)

He is 2 years old and his favourite things are treats and people.

I almost dog-napped him.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Peaches, Maisy, Tommy and Rossi

Peaches is wearing a fetching beige coloured coat and Maisy is in a co-ordinating pink one, they are both Chihuahuas. Tommy was rather evasive where the camera was concerned.
Rossi is a fluffy Bichon Frise, he loves food. A lot.

Layla and Logan

Layla is a 3 year old Staffie, Alsatian cross and Logan is a 4 year old Jack Russell terrier.
Their most favourite things in the world are stones.


Alfie is an 11 year old Border Terrier, his favourite things are food and his special cushion.


Molly is 7 years old, she has a beach hut in Harwich and her favourite things are chasing stones on the beach and her Mike Wazowski, Monsters Inc toy.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Fergus is a 7 yr old Border Terrier, we have had him since he was a puppy and he has grown up in a very busy and noisy, child filled household so it is just as well he is very relaxed and tolerant!

His favourite thing to do is digging. He will dig the beach and he will dig our flower beds with equal gusto.

He will do anything for cheese.

He knows several tricks: lie down, play dead, paw, high five, respect, twirl, circle and walk on his back legs.
All taught very quickly with the use of cheese.