Hounds of Harwich is a personal project of mine with the intention of photographing as many of the wonderful dogs I meet during my own dog walks on the beaches in Harwich.

I like to add a small amount of information about the dogs too, as just like humans, dogs come with their own life stories as well.

Why do I do it? Firstly I love dogs and photographing them in  just a few mins when they are excited and can smell dog treats is a real photography challenge for me, especially when those few photos I take need to have at least 2 that are spot on.

Secondly, any dog owner will tell you that their dog is part of the family, more than just a pet, and talking about their beloved dog and knowing he/she is going to be on a blog makes people happy and it makes me feel happy knowing I have made them happy. The dogs get a treat too, so that makes them happy.

If I stop you and ask to photograph your dog, I would love it if you could say yes!

I can often be found walking my own Border Terrier, Fergus, who is the cover model for the blog.


  1. Love the site and pictures. Great idea. I would have loved to have mine featured, but they are not very friendly with other dogs, unfortunately.
    Will say hello if I see you. And good luck

    1. Thank you Sharon! If you see me out and about with my camera (usually on a Sunday afternoon) and you have your dogs with you, stop me and say hi, I'd be more than happy to photograph them.